| Detroit, MI
Business Model: Merchandising
CEO: Christiaan Oliver
Labor Model: Employee/W2 & Contractor/1099
Jobs: SPAR Opportunities
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By TruSpec
On their website, the Merchandiser Tools Menu, there is a section that is titled "New Project/Contract Opportunities". Ever since I have been working for SPAR there is an updated list of jobs there for the next several weeks. Suddenly since June there have been no jobs. I mean zero, blank space, week after week. I emailed the DM and asked what is going on and she said there is no work. I find it hard to believe that suddenly all of the Advance Auto resets, tobacco and doctor's office audits, Family Dollar resets, etc. just went POOF and disappeared?! Does anyone else work for SPAR in the East Tennessee/ (Williamsburg/Middlesboro, KY area) and getting zero jobs showing up?

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