| Atlanta, GA | Owned by the Pattison Group
Business Model: Book & Magazine, DSD, Merchandising
President: David Parry
Labor Type: Employee/W2
Jobs: TNG Opportunities
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By TammyCrawford
I was a district supervisor for this company. Workload was ridiculous considering it was a salaried position. I was always on call and worked an insane number of hours. We were forced to hire reps at $9 per hour. How can you keep people away that rate? Turnover was high obviously. I was laid off because they allowed managers they had hired from a recently failed company come into our company and choose who to layoff. Obviously they brought their old employees from the failed company and kept them and let me go. The spineless VP allowed it to happen. Before they laid me off, they tried to get me to train all of their people but fortunately I saw the writing on the wall. Hard work, dedication and loyalty means nothing to this terrible organization. Much of the company was recently sold to someone else by jim pattison. Just a scum of the earth place to work. Dont waste your time.
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