apolloretail.com | Tampa, FL
Business Model: Merchandising
CEO: Mike Sunderland
Labor Model: Employee/W2
Jobs: Apollo Opportunities
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By Indus
By far, my favorite. Great pay, training/instructions, management and flexibility. If you are not working for them already I highly suggest joining up with them.
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By TruSpec
I agree. They hired me and although I have only done two jobs for them due to unavailable local work, the DM calls me once a month or so to check in and ask if this city or that town is close enough for me to drive to for work. Excellent pay and the company seems to care about their employees. I just wish they had more local work. 95% has been travel jobs and I am unable to travel at this time.
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By 3PLGuy
It's hard to find companies that really care about us anymore, with the "gig" economy it's like we are just a number.

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